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Zero Waste, More Taste

A first of its kind to the Irish market artisan gelatos and sorbets.

We are a Dublin based company specialized in Artisan Gelatos operating with a zero waste, more taste ethos. We are battling food waste by using surplus ingredients that would otherwise end up in landfills and transforming them into delicious Gelato and Sorbets without the use of artificial flavours, colours or additives.

Our numbers

So far we have rescued...

Every day around the world tons of food that is still in perfect condition are wasted. At Cream of the crop, the food is rescued and processed, becoming delicious treats. It's a daily mission that seeks to offer amazing products and fight for a better world! Check out on our scales how many tons of food we have already rescued in almost 2 years and join us in this cause.


A brand new and delicious product

Taste our delicious Bananitas

A healthy and delicious snack made with surplus bananas 100% natural and gluten-free.
Dry banana coated in chocolate 70% with no addition of any other ingredient.

How Bananitas is made

Step 01

We rescued the bananas
from going to waste

Step 02

We select the bananas, peel
and dehydrate them

Step 03

Then we coat the bananas
in 70% cacao chocolate

Step 04

After this, Bananitas are delicious and ready to eat

Our Products

Artisan Gelato • 500 ML

Bananitas Dark Chocolate

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